Red carpet fun for children

Film week at Barley Hill School
Film week at Barley Hill School

Excited youngsters shimmied down the red carpet as part of their school’s first ever film festival.

Pupils at Barley Hill Primary School in Ludsden Grove, Thame, enjoyed the red carpet assembly to start a day filled with activities to inspire their learning through film.

The assembly was complete with paparazzi flash bulbs and camera crew before the children settled down to watch a demonstration from a special effects make up artist.

They were also treated to a video message from Harley Bird, the voice of cartoon piglet Peppa Pig.

As part of the fun, teachers joined pupils in dressing up as their favourite film characters and a prize was awarded to the best outfit.

Throughout the day, the children got the chance to work with professionals from the film industry including: a high speed cameraman, an animator from ITV’s Matt’s Chronicles, an actress and a make- up artist.

The verdict from one pupil was: “It was the best film day in the world.

“It will stick in my mind forever and it was fabulous fun for everyone.”