Recycling bins on the way to Thame


RECYCLE bins like the ones pictured right will soon be on the way to Thame town centre as part of a new district -wide scheme.

Oxfordshire has among the best recycling rates in the country but the county is not resting on its laurels by implementing the bins in the town centre.

However, Mayor David Bretherton is undecided on the idea and will wait to see where they are installed before giving it his backing.

He said: “I am trying to determine what the location site is and without knowing that I can’t say whether it will be good for the town.”

The bins will enable people to recycle cans, paper, plastic and glass items and should be in the town within a few weeks.

There will be three compartments – two for recycling and one for rubbish.

Councillor David Dodds said: “We are always looking to find new ways in which we can encourage people to recycle whenever they can and we are hoping these new bins will help people to be responsible with their waste.”