Reckless driver used pavement to protect alloys from puddle

Stock picture alloys
Stock picture alloys

A 100mph speedster and a driver using the pavement to protect his alloy car wheels have been caught on the roads as part of a crackdown on reckless driving.

With Princes Risborough’s Neighbourhood Action Group stepping up its monitoring of two problem roads - Longwick Road and Wycombe Road - drivers are being caught by temporary radar equipment.

Drivers are then sent a warning in the post from police and if they are caught three times, they face prosecution.

Recent examples have included a young driver who drove his BMW on the pavement of Longwick Road at more than 40mph to protect his alloys from getting wet in a puddle.

Also caught on Longwick Road - a 30mph zone - was a man travelling at more than 100mph late at night between furniture manufacturer Hypnos and Wellington Avenue.

A pair of vehicle activated signs are being moved between roads and are in place for seven days at each spot while portable signs are in place outside schools to reduce the speed of drivers.

The action group is made up of volunteers from Risborough businesses, schools, churches and councillors.

Chairman of the group Mandy Dormer, who saw the driver use the footpath when she was on watch, said: “It is quite fortunate that no one was on the pavement at the time. He should really have slowed down and waited to pull out on to the other side of the road instead of going around the puddle.

“Obviously we are concerned about speeding in general but in particular when schools are kicking out. It’s the subject we receive most correspondence about so we have made it our number one priority.

“But we would like volunteers to come forward to help us with the community speed watch programme and for people in the town to take ownership of the roads they perceive to be a problem.”

If you would like to volunteer to help keep the roads in Risborough safe, email