Reach for your dreams! Ugandan choir inspires pupils

Pupils from Oak Green School in Southcourt met members of Ugandan choir Destiny Africa
Pupils from Oak Green School in Southcourt met members of Ugandan choir Destiny Africa

An inspirational visit taught Oak Green pupils a lesson about realising your dreams.

The pupils had a visit from the Destiny Africa children’s choir, and heard inspirational stories about the youngsters who lead a very different life to themselves.

Pupils also took part in a performance with the choir, and learned African words and a song.

Karen Wilding, who helped to coordinate the learning event, said: “It was absolutely brilliant and it was one of the most special things we have probably ever done in school.

“We were able to share the childrens’ culture and watch the way they sing.

“All our children are now very interested in drumming, it was a really good morning and feeds into our ethos about being aspirational.

“Many of the children shared their aspirations with us, many of them have had a difficult start in life but it hasn’t stopped them from believing that they can achieve anything.”

The visit was organised by teacher Kimberley White, who is set to travel to Uganda to see where members of the choir live later this year.

Miss White, together with members of her church, will work with the children for a few weeks and take donations raised by the pupils to help the community fulfil their goals of having a safe and loving home, access to healthcare, a proper education and a chance to dream.

When she returns she will share the stories with Oak Green pupils, cementing a link between the school and the centre.

Destiny Africa is made up of children from the Kampala Childrens’ Centre and many of its members have had traumatic childhoods.

The choir travels all over the world to show off their skills, and spread the word about what life is like for many childen living in Uganda.