Ralph celebrating his 75th pint (of blood) aged 75!

Blood donor Ralph Weston, 75, has given 75 pints of blood
Blood donor Ralph Weston, 75, has given 75 pints of blood

Everyone enjoys a pint now and again - but when that pint is giving blood some of us are a little squeamish.

But not Ralph Weston from Aston Clinton, who in the year he turned 75, gave his 75th pint of blood.

The retired scientific civil servant, who worked at RAF Halton for 25 years, gave his first donation in 1957.

And apart from a few gaps, such as when he took a government job in the Falkland Islands, Ralph has always tried to donate the maximum four pints a year.

He said: “I started giving blood when I joined the army, it was a case of ‘you will give blood, but you will get a bottle of Guinness afterwards.’

“When I worked in the Falklands from 1965 to 1968 I didn’t do it so I haven’t been completely continuous.

“But there were times when I was working in London when I used to give it four times a year.”

He added: “They said I couldn’t carry on when I was 70, but they changed their policy and invited me to go again.

“It’s very important that people give blood if they can, you never know when you are going to save a life.”

Ralph, who has a rare B positive blood type, was congratulated on the achievement by the NHS and received an award and certificate for his efforts.

And because his donations are from an in-demand blood group, they tend to get used straight away by medics.

Ralph said: “What a coincidence that I have given 75 pints when I am 75. I would like to encourage other people to do the same.”

Nowadays some donations of blood are used to make a range of different products which help treat all kinds of conditions.

These can include donations for traditional blood transfusions, as well as being separated out using a machine to collect platelets, red cells, plasma and white cells in component donations.

These kinds of donations can be given more frequently, and donors can return every 16 weeks.

To find out more about giving blood or component donations visit the website www.blood.co.uk