Quiz adopted by Thame’s twin town of Sinaia

Sinaia quiz winners
Sinaia quiz winners

A group of three ladies from Sinaia - Thame’s twin town - held a quiz inspired by the format of Thame’s TAL popular event on 10th April.

Mariana Cojoc Wisernig, Irina Avramescu and Felicia Mirza, who had visited Thame, recruited nine ad hoc teams, who competed on different themes of general culture: history and the city’s personalities, literature, music. The contest called for maximum ability and knowledge of the teams, among which competitors of all ages evolved.

The quiz took place on April 10 at Sinaia’s ‘Carmen Sylva’ Cultural Centre which celebrated 10 years since its opening.

The winning team was “Sinaia 365” who included Vlad Oprea, town’s mayor, and his colleagues Gheorghe Badaran, Anca Hogea and Corina Ghimbaş.

When reading the news on Facebook about Sinaia Quiz, Sue Boyle, who has conducted quizzes for TAL and other Thame local events over the years, said: “I am delighted to read this post! So proud my quiz format has made its way to Sinaia, we loved you, Sinaians, being with us for the TAL quiz.”

Mariana Cojoc-Wisernig, quiz organiser, said: “During our beautiful visit in Thame to our friends, in October 2017, I was very impressed by the way the local organisers succeeded to attract a large number of people, of all ages, to entertaining and instructive activities. I came home with the strong desire to repeat the experience of the TAL Quiz in Thame, with my townspeople and with a lot of excitement because such an experience is completely new in my town.”

Mariana added: “I decided to organize, with the help of the other ASPE members, a quiz for each season. The first was the Spring Quiz, with questions about the town we live in.

“Since we had no idea about the number of people joining in our event, we decided on four members in each team. I was surprised when we had to bring more tables and chairs and when the hall seemed too small.”

Mariana continued: “With each step, I learned something new, I got feedback, and I will have to consider the suggestions when organising our next quiz in the summer. We would like to thank our Thame friends for offering us the opportunity to bring something new to Sinaia’s cultural life.”

Cecilia Francu, one of the participants, said: “I enjoyed the first set of questions about Sinaia. I think all teams did well in this section. During the last section “Music”, well, I got lost. But I enjoyed it. It was relaxing, entertaining, we socialized, talked over a cup of coffee, had a piece of cake. I can’t wait for the summer Quiz.”

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