Putting brakes on Bedgrove traffic

Scene of incident in Camborne Avenue, Bedgrove, Aylesbury
Scene of incident in Camborne Avenue, Bedgrove, Aylesbury

The county council and schools are being urged to help in a plan to get traffic to slow down on Bedgrove housing estate.

Just before Christmas an elderly man was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit by a car as he walked across the zebra crossing in Camborne Avenue.

Bedgrove councillor Mark Winn has since asked Bucks County Council for data on the number of accidents that have occurred there.

He said: “The answer they provided is very worrying.

“In the last three years, including this latest accident, there have been 10 accidents involving injuries. This is a far higher figure than even I expected, I am truly shocked.”

Cllr Winn has now asked for a meeting with Cllr Janet Blake, cabinet member for planning and transportation at Bucks County Council.

He also intends to include local schools in a campaign to help advertise speeds in the area, and hopes to push his plan forward soon.

Cllr Winn is concerned about the speed of traffic on the estate and has witnessed vehicles travelling at up to 60mph in a 30mph zone.

He said: “This is simply ridiculous and must stop.”

He has also asked Thames Valley Police to carry out speed checks to reassure residents and has received confirmation that this will be done.

Cllr Winn said that as far as he was aware the 70-year-old man involved in the most recent accident is still in hospital.

Thames Valley Police was unable to comment on the pensioner’s condition.