Punk group reunites in memory of late bandmate

The band pictured in the 1980s. Left to right: Dez Bhatt, Alex Morison, Aidan Sterling (front) , Dave Wood, Neil Ledbury
The band pictured in the 1980s. Left to right: Dez Bhatt, Alex Morison, Aidan Sterling (front) , Dave Wood, Neil Ledbury

A former punk rock group from Aylesbury has reunited to play once again in honour of one of their late band mates.

The Feckin’ Ejits originally got together in 1984, and have returned with a slightly different line up in memory of guitarist Alex Morison who lost his life to cancer last year aged 52.

The fivesome performed at countless gigs in their 80s heydey – including Friars in their hometown of Aylesbury – and were even snapped by legendary punk photographer Gavin Watson.

The modern day line-up consists of Neil Ledbury and Jez Scott on guitar, drummer Ian Coe, DanGoodger on bass and Aiden Stirling as lead singer, as former drummer Dave Wood and bassist Dez Bhatt no longer live close enough.

Guitarist Neil, who attended Aylesbury Grammar School and still lives in Bedgrove, said: “After Alex’s sad passing, Aiden and I decided to get the band back together for one last gig in his memory.”

So the pair held a few auditions, recruited the newbies and rehearsed a few times before they were offered a slot at Brighton’s Big Skinhead Reunion in June this year.

But the performances won’t stop there, as the revitalised Ejits have more lined up with a gigs in Ireland, Dorset and of course, Aylesbury, planned already this year.

The group have been busy writing new material and recording a video for their Reunion Song – a homage to their past – and it stormed up the iTunes video charts to take its place at number three.

They are also doing their bit for others after contributing a cover of Madness’ Cardiac Arrest for Specialized3’s charity CD album Mad Not Cancer, and all proceeds go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

On the band’s Facebook page, vocalist Aiden has written a tribute to their talented late pal Alex who helped co-write a lot of their material.

He said: “Like most of the bands at the time, we were in it purely for the craic (an Irish word meaning ‘fun’) and we certainly had plenty of that.

“I personally believe Alex could have done so much more but he was dedicated to his job as a nurse and that came first.

“Some of the hook lines and lyrics we wrote together still ring around my head but sadly, we never had much of our stuff recorded so what folk hear now is just what the years have let us keep.

“Someone somehwere must have some cassettes of the Ejits – I just hope I can find them to show what a class writer the boy was.”

The Aylesbury gig is scheduled for December 20.

More news and photos can be found on the Ejits’ Facebook page here, and you can purchase the Big Reunion on iTunes here.