Puke means pounds for Katy’s Mumlin idea

Katy Hymas with mumlin
Katy Hymas with mumlin

Where there’s muck there’s brass and where there’s puke, there are pounds.

So says Katy Hymas, a 30-year-old mother of twin boys, who is about to launch the Mumlin, what she calls ‘a stylish and practical alternative to a muslin’, which will be made in Britain.

Any mum, let alone the mother of twins, will tell you that muslins are always on the wrong shoulder or on the floor.

While the baby may be protected by a bib, Mum tries in vain to cover herself with a scrappy piece of cloth, and usually ends up with baby sick on her clothes.

Not any more, says Mrs Hymas, of Haddenham, who used to work in PR before her sons, Noah and Bailey, were born two years ago.

The Mumlin is a U-shaped piece of cotton, designed to stay put while burping baby.

It will be launched this month online and Mrs Hymas hopes it will prove popular enough to hit the high street.

“I created something that works because I couldn’t buy it.

“I spent 18 months getting it made and marketed and because I’m quite risk averse and didn’t want a £50,000 debt with a bulk order from China, it’s being made in England.”

Mrs Hymas, who started her own blog when she had her twins, came to the attention of a publisher and was invited to the launch of a book by Annabel Karmel, author of several books on ‘gourmet food’ for children.

“I wore my prototype Mumlin and it won the seal of approval,” said Mrs Hymas.

Katy Hymas has also co-written ‘Twins’ (published by Dorling Kindersley), a guide for parents, with Dr Carol Cooper, fellow mother of twins and a TV health correspondent.

The Mumlin will be launched at a tea party on a double decker bus on Charles II Street, London (between St James Square and Haymarket), between midday and 4pm, on Monday, March 19. For further information visit www.mumlin.co.uk