Pub offers more variety

Mez Stables, head chef
Mez Stables, head chef

A pub has undergone an extensive refurbishment in a bid to entice more customers through its doors.

Owner of Thame’s Black Horse Hotel, Emma Davis, said it had been a ‘hard year’ working on the revamp to make the pub more family-friendly and improve its food offering.

She said: “We do want to get away from the reputation of constantly being a party pub.”

Among the new introductions are a new menu and chef, Mez Stables, with longer opening hours and an extended garden.

Ms Davis also said she is looking to use as much local produce as possible.

“It would be nice to support local people,” she said.

“I use local people wherever I can, whether it’s contractors or food.”

Ms Davis is putting plans in place to noise proof the conservatory to eradicate disturbance to neighbours.

The pub has now got a trampoline in the back garden, new pool and quiz teams with a football team in the pipeline too.

Ms Davis added: “Over the last year I have just tried to implement more stuff.

“We have got something for everyone but we have still got our traditional pub grub.”

That traditional menu has seen the introduction of a variety of new specials such as the fish option of fried salmon with wilted greens, baby new potatoes and sauce vierge.

A meat option includes local pork chops with tarragon mash potatoes with smoked bacon in cider sauce.

Ms Davis, who has run the pub for the past year, said she wanted to prove that people could enjoy a fine meal at a pub.

She added the Black Horse would still retain its weekend entertainment.

“We will still have our disco on a Friday night and our karaoke on a Saturday night.”

The pub has been in the Davis family for more than 13 years.