Pub girls bare all for charity

Girls at the pub group together for chairty
Girls at the pub group together for chairty

Girls at the Cross Keys pub have bared their all in order to raise money for charity.

It was a real team effort by the girls, which included all the bar staff, a driving instructor and a former deputy mayor.

And their efforts look set to be rewarded by reining in more than £3,500 for the Thame and District Day Care Centre.

Manager of the pub Peter Lambert said: “It has brought all the girls together. All the bar staff were willing to do it and we had some of our locals volunteer as well.”

Most notable of which was last year’s deputy mayor Nicola Dixon, who also revealed all for the cause.

The whole idea came about thanks to an idea which was discussed after a few of drinks.

Mr Lambert said: “It all started from my wife suggesting it after a couple of wines.

“From there we asked a couple of locals who were at the pub and then the guy next to them offered us £1,000 free prints.

“Then after that I guess there was no backing down.”

So far around 600 calendars have been sold across various shops in the town but Mr Lambert is urging the Thame people to buy the remaining 400 so the project can be run again.

He said: “What is nice is that we have already had people volunteer for next year, but unless we sell the 1,000 we won’t be able to do it because of the cost of printing.”