Pub coin collections help buy cows for Kenya

Frazer Sutherland
Frazer Sutherland

Pub-goers popping into their locals in Thame are being asked to put their spare change into a project to help the Maasi community in Kenya.

The Thatch and The James Figg are collecting the coins towards Herds for Change, a project aimed at delivering vital and sustainable change in the Mara.

The pubs have taken part in Peach Foundation Cow Week, when along with its sister pubs owned by Peach Pub Company, are aiming to raise £250, or more, each to buy a cow for the Maasai community in Kenya as part of Herds for Change, the latest fundraising campaign carried out by its charitable arm, The Peach Foundation.

The goal is to raise £130,000 to buy a breeding herd of eight pedigree bulls and 400 cows for the Enonkishu community in the Mara. The profits will be ploughed back into the community and used to support the livelihoods of local families.

Each cow costs £250 and regulars and new faces alike coming to The Thatch and The James Figg are being asked to donate their change or whatever they can to help raise the money - there’s a special cow money box on the bar for collecting donations.

Frazer Sutherland, Peach Partner, said: “This is an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of people living in the Maasai community in the Mara, Kenya, a part of the world where the ecosystem has become increasingly fragile. Global warming, lifestyle changes and the mismanagement of land all pose a serious threat to the wildlife and the communities who live in the Maasai.

“Over the years here at Peach we have played a part in supporting the Maasai tribe, the wildlife and the community’s traditional way of life, helping to create a hippo sanctuary and plant a forest. Now, we are moving onto the next important chapter in the bid to safeguard the long-term future of the Mara and its people. We are creating the Peach Herd and raising money to buy cows for the Maasai community, and we want Thame to be able to provide at least one, if not two cows!

“So we’re asking everyone who pays us a visit over the next couple of weeks to let us hang onto their change for the cause or put whatever they can into the cow money box on the bar so we can make Herds for Change a big success and make our mark in the Mara.”

After collecting money to buy the herd, a team from Peach and some of its suppliers will be travelling out to Kenya to buy the cattle and deliver them to the Enonkishu community, and Frazer will be among them.

To make a donation, please pop into The Thatch or The James Figg or go online to