Protests planned against proposal for 101m wind turbine near Aylesbury

One of the anti-wind turbine banners in Dinton
One of the anti-wind turbine banners in Dinton

Protesters opposed to plans for a wind turbine bigger than Big Ben near Aylesbury are planning to float a large inflatable balloon 101m up, the height of the proposed turbine, near the site to demonstrate where it will be seen from.

Weather permitting, the balloon will be on display near Lower Waldridge Farm in Ford from 10am to 4pm tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Opponents are also planning a protest outside Aylesbury Vale District Council’s offices before the development control meeting on January 17, when the plans will be voted on by councillors.

The man behind the £2 million proposal, Jeremy Elgin, says it will power 350 homes and says it will not create noise pollution, as some people have claimed.

Despite this, Ford and Upton Parish Council has opposed the plan, saying it will have a damaging visual impact on the area.