Protect your tools from crooks this spring

In 2013, 35% of burglaries to sheds happened in spring months
In 2013, 35% of burglaries to sheds happened in spring months

A burglary awareness initiative - Operation Acacia - has been launched today.

Green-fingered Vale residents become targets during the spring as they leave their sheds open, having worked in the garden.

In 2013, 35% of all burglaries of sheds and outbuildings took place in the spring.

So Aylesbury Vale District Council has teamed up with the police to put on events to offer advice and guidance.

A shed roadshow event and mobile police station has been in Market Square all day.

Homebase and B&Q have also staged events.

Garden centres across the Vale will host workshops on upcoming Wednesdays at:

World’s End Garden Centre, Wendover, (11am-3pm) on March 26

Homebase, Aylesbury, (11am-3pm) on April 9

B&Q, Aylesbury, (11am-3pm) on April 16

Haddenham Garden Centre, Haddenham, (11am-3pm) on April 23

Advice includes making access to areas where sheds and outbuildings are located as difficult as possible and locking all side and rear gates using a bolt and padlock.

Make sure fencing is secure and use prickly plants as borders to deter access.

Inspector James Davies said: “We will be about and about. If you have any concerns or just want some advice and information, approach your local neighbourhood officers who will be there to assist you.

“We will also be sending out messages via Thames Valley Alert to residents with crime reduction advice, so I would urge people to sign up by visiting”