Print Lab concocting school uniform plans

Ian Goodchild, owner of The Print Lab in Aylesbury
Ian Goodchild, owner of The Print Lab in Aylesbury

An independent printing firm is taking on industry giants by trying to break into the school uniform supplying market.

The Print Lab, established and run by Ian Goodchild, has already agreed a deal to provide uniforms to the Mandeville School and the founder hopes to get more Aylesbury schools signed up soon.

As an added incentive, 10% of sales money from schools will be given back to them to spend as they please.

Mr Goodchild said: “At the moment none of the schools seems to be getting much of a benefit back from buying a uniform. If they buy from us they will get that 10% back so they can improve whatever they want to.

“I have a nephew who goes to one of the schools and I was amazed at the prices people pay for stuff.

“A lot of people go to M&S, John Lewis or the shop in town.

“If there’s an alternative supplier maybe they will be forced to look to do different offers and the prices might level out.”

The 32 year old set up the business a year ago to provide a variety of printing and embroidery services, including sports wear and leavers’ hoodies, and is looking to expand into new areas including printing on vehicles.

Last summer he even produced kits for the United Arab Emirates paralympic squad for London 2012.

Mr Goodchild said: “They wanted something like 7,000 pieces of kit printed in five days.

“Everything they were competing and training in was printed by us.”

Currently Mr Goodchild runs the business on his own from a unit in Smeaton Close, but he is looking to expand in the near future.

He said: “I would like to take on an apprentice and show them all the different things there are to know about the business, from printing to invoicing.

“Hopefully as we grow we can keep them on full-time.”