Pride Award nomination for ‘inspirational’ pupils

Oxfordshire pride nominees
Oxfordshire pride nominees

A group of friends who stick together through thick and thin are up for an award to mark their achievements.

Luke Nixey, Olly Rippon, Dan Kovacs, Pete Murphy, Greg Forgan, Rick Surridge and Tom Goetz attended the glitzy Oxfordshire Youth Awards on Monday night.

Mum Sharon Forgan nominated the boys for their award, after seeing how they worked together to support her wheelchair using 16-year-old son Greg in challenges during their Duke of Edinburgh Award bid.

She said: “Doing the Duke of Edinburgh is hard, but when you add in a disability it becomes really difficult.

“These boys have learned about team work, discipline, and dedication while facing the challenge of the award, but also other people’s perceptions of what they can and cannot achieve as a group.

“They have pushed the boundaries and taken inclusion and the celebration of diversity to the next level.

“They are a truly inspirational team who have shown great resilience under difficult circumstances.”

After completing their silver Duke of Edinburgh Award as a team, the boys are now working hard towards 
completing the set of task required to achieve the gold standard.

Although they did not win in the Pride In Oxfordshire category at the event, 
proud mum Sharon believes that the Lord Williams’s School pupils deserve recognition for their perseverance and positive attitude.

She said: “This group of boys just accepted him.

“They didn’t see his disability as an issue and they just took him as he was.

“I thought they deserved some recognition for what they do every single day.

“They just do it because they are his friends.”