Power Nimbys need to tell us what will work

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

The letters this week are based around the topic of electricity and what will work to keep the country going.

Power Nimbys need to tell us what will work

from Bob Newton, address supplied

Whenever the subject of generating electricity, from either wind turbines or burning rubbish, is raised reaction seems to be generally negative.

Could we all agree that before saying what are not acceptable, writers should specify what is acceptable, or that they and their families are prepared to live without electricity?

I will open by confessing that it is over 40 years since I studied the generation of electricity, and many things have changed.

However, the business of building sizeable generators still takes a long time, and we have to start preparing for the day when the large coal fired plants and first generation nuclear plants have to be replaced.

It seems that the green options need to be built on a very large scale and in unison with each other if wind and tide and sun are to produce any sizeable percentage of what we need.

When we have no wind and the sun is not available (at night) the tide is still running.

This type of system would be better if we had more hydro, but the geography of England limits this, and even more so the pumped storage option.

I for one do not mind the look of wind turbines, but have never had to live close by them and suffer the other drawbacks of them.

Having in the past lived overlooking a coal fired power station; I could live with that again if the modern clean burn, carbon capture technology can be shown to work.

Next time you tell us what you don’t want, please include what you might be able to live with.