Positive Pat gets a ‘yes’ from popular radio DJ

The Women's Institute gathered at the Waterside
The Women's Institute gathered at the Waterside

The Women’s Institute is looking forward to welcoming radio DJ Chris Evans to its centenary party next year.

Trustee for the Bucks federation Pat Poole spoke to Chris live on BBC Radio 2 and invited the popular DJ to the garden party event.

Pat, 68, appeared as the ‘mystery guest’ on the breakfast show and was thrilled Chris accepted the invitation.

She said: “I was sitting there thinking ‘this is surreal, I’m on the radio’. I ran around the kitchen screaming.

“My husband was in the lounge listening and told me he had a little cry, he said it was lovely.

“And a lot of friends have said you seemed to run the interview. He mentioned me afterwards and said ‘wasn’t Pat positive?’ and he nicknamed me positive Pat Poole!”

Pat was told she would appear on the show as she was walking to her car after the institute’s annual council meeting in Aylesbury.

Just over 200 women gathered at the Waterside theatre, for the fourth year in a row, with special guest speakers Mimi Harker, Patricia Pearce and Chris Beardshaw.

Pat said: “Chris was great and then we had two very ‘inspiring women’. That is our strapline!”

But it was Pat’s chat with Chris which will live longest in the memory as she hopes he is able to stay true to his word and join the institute in Waddesdon on June 16 next year.

Pat said: “I invited his wife and two lovely children, so hopefully they will make it.

“Chris is an Aries like me so I see him as a bit of a kindred spirit.”