Poppa Guttmann Trust chief to marry in Thame

Mike Mackenzie
Mike Mackenzie
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The chairman of the Poppa Guttmann Trust has announced he is getting married in Thame.

Mike Mackenzie is set to marry Sandy Johnston in a ceremony in the town.

And thanks to his ties with a previous employer it will be an occasion he and his wife-to-be will be able to celebrate in some style with plenty of high-class bubbly.

Mr Mackenzie, who started his wine trade career with Bollinger’s British subsidiary company Mentzendorff in 1971, was giving a speech at a wine trade dinner in London when he announced that he was getting married and offered a sponsorship opportunity for any champagne houses.

To his amazement and delight Andrew Hawes, MD of Mentzendorff, agreed that Bollinger was an essential ingredient for the wedding.

Further discussion took place and an incredulous Mr Mackenzie was offered the opportunity to buy Bollinger at the last price he sold it for when with the company, back in 1973.