Poll: Aylesbury Vale is 15th best place to live in Britain

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IT’S official – Aylesbury Vale is the finest place to live in Buckinghamshire.

The district came 15th nationally in the Halifax 2011 Quality of Life Survey, the sixth year in a row it has made the top 15 locations.

Though the Vale dropped three places from its 2010 standing, it still came comfortably above the likes of Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks, which fell from 11th in the table to 63rd.

The sixth annual survey tracks where the highest living standards are in the United Kingdom by ranking local performance using indicators including the housing market, employment, education, the environment, crime and health.

This year the chart was topped by the Hampshire district of Hart, with the top 50 places dominated by locations in southern England.

The figures for the Vale show 94 per cent of residents are in a good state of health, with an average life expectancy for males of just over 80 years.

The region also has a relatively high employment rate of 77.6 per cent and average gross weekly earnings of £720, higher than the national average of £606.

However, house prices are generally six times average local earnings, which is above the UK average of 5.25 times earnings, while the number of households with good broadband access is eight per cent below the typical level.

Although there are hardly any vacant properties, population density, traffic levels and carbon dioxide emissions remain low in the Vale.

Residents also enjoy a good climate, with less average annual rainfall and more weekly sunshine than the UK as a whole.