Politicians bid for victory in county’s Thame seat

Councillor David Wilmshurst
Councillor David Wilmshurst
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Candidates are gearing up for elections that will decide who runs Oxfordshire for the next four years.

The full list of candidates running for the Thame and Chinnor seat has been released and those in the running have less than two weeks to persuade voters to back them.

The two-member seat is currently occupied by two Conservatives, Nick Carter and David Wilmshurst, who between them took 66% of the vote in 2009.

However, despite the rise of UKIP and the difficulties facing the national party, Councillor Wilmshurst believes his record in office will be enough to see him through.

Asked for a reason why people should support him in his bid to hold on to his seat, he said: “Nothing in particular.

“I think I can live on my reputation. I have been a councillor for quite a while and have been serving in the community on very local issues.”

The four main parties have all put forward two candidates for the Thame and Chinnor seat.

David Laver, who came third in the 2009 election with 19% of the vote, is representing the Liberal Democrats, along with David Bretherton.

The Labour Party has put forward Mary Stiles and Simon Stone for the seat, while Michael Montgomery and William Parkinson are representing UKIP.

There is also a candidate from the Green Party, with Colin Grenville looking to upset the frontrunners.

The election is on May 2.