Police panel will give communities a voice in wake of racist attacks

Chair of the new group Niknam Hussain
Chair of the new group Niknam Hussain
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A new advisory group has been formed to offer the diverse communities in Aylesbury Vale a voice.

Police relaunched the Independent Advisory Group as a means of talking regularly with representatives from various community groups.

Its reintroduction is timely given an increase in racist attacks in Aylesbury following the terrorist murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

Acting Superintendent Olly Wright, said: “The group has a very important role in giving us a better understanding of the impact of police activity, and we will always consider members’ opinion and concerns in planning our operational activity.

“We always engage and we are open for discussion about our actions. By using the forum, members have the opportunity to discuss with us any concerns they may have.”

Such groups were first introduced following the enquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence in a racist attack in London.

The Aylesbury group has recently been reviewed, allowing members to have more influence in what is discussed in the meeting.

Group chair and former Aylesbury Mayor Niknam Hussain, said, “This brings many community groups together to provide a dialogue with the local police; co-operative, helpful but when need be it can act as a critical friend.

“The group has been very successful in Aylesbury with the local police commander taking an active part. This has proven its worth many times when there have been critical local incidents.

“The police and the group have worked hard to ensure that these incidents have had a minimal impact on community relations and more importantly on relations between the police and the local community.

“I am sure the re-launched group and the new commander will be successful in building on these sound foundations”.

The group was relaunched at district council and presentations were made on police operations and the community safety partnership action plan for 2013/14.

District council community guru Pam Pearce, said: “This is an opportunity for members to hear and ask questions about community safety policies and their implementation and it is a chance for them to bring on board their perspective and ideas on how best we can serve them.

“It is also an opportunity for them to understand other cultures by interacting with people from other communities found in our area.”