Police out checking doors are double locked

HOUSEHOLDERS who do not lock their doors properly will be getting a knock from the police, in a bid to tackle a spate of burglaries.

Officers have called on householders to make sure their uPVC doors are double locked after four burglaries and attempted burglaries last Thursday.

Police are now checking doors to make sure they are secure – and if this is not the case officers are having a word.

Neighbourhood Inspector Omar Abu-Rish told the Herald: “Unfortunately some residents have either not heard our warning or ignored it so I have decided that officers and PCSOs from the Neighbourhood Team will take the message directly to their door.

“In the final run up to Christmas they will be trying the door handles to test if they are double locked and if not will knock on the door to speak to the householder.

“We have continued to suffer a number of burglaries overnight where upvc front doors have been targeted, preventing this type of crime is really so easy and very effective”