Police operation clamps down on drivers speeding through village

Ellesborough Road
Ellesborough Road

Motorists have been punished for speeding through a Vale village during a police operation.

The operation to clamp down on drivers going too fast along Ellesborough Road, near Wendover, was organised after residents said speeding cars were one of their main concerns.

During the operation between 8am and 10am last Monday, 11 motorists were dealt with for exceeding the 30mph speed limit.

One driver who was doing 48mph was issued with a £60 fixed penalty notice and three penalty points. Another was doing 44mph, one was travelling at 43mph, one at 42mph, one at 39mph, four at 38mph and two at 37mph. They were all given the option to attend a speed awareness course costing £95 in place of the fine and points.

Other motorists were stopped for lighting offences, such as having faulty lights. Tyres were also checked for safety reasons as we head into winter driving conditions. Suitable advice was given to those stopped.

PC Andrew Ralph said: “Thames Valley Police strive to educate rather than punish and will offer the speed awareness courses where applicable. Speed enforcement is operated within published national guidelines.”

More road safety days are planned for the area.