Police commissioner elections down to two candidates

The PCC candidates await the announcement
The PCC candidates await the announcement

The Thames Valley police and crime commissioner election will go to a second preference vote after no one secured more than 50% of the first.

The Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfeld secured 76,011 votes in the election with Labour’s Tim Starkey getting 56,631 votes.

Both now await the count with a final result expected to be announced at Aylesbury Vale District Council offices between 4 to 4.30pm.

The election itself has been overshadowed by a low turnout of just 13.3% with only 13.9% of people voting in the Aylesbury Vale.

Maurice Collins, former Thames Valley Police officer for more than 30 years said: “Let’s be clear more than 86% have not turned out to vote and the truth is more than 14% of the population care about policing.

“Something has gone terribly wrong. There are no winners here. The truth is the winner is going to go in with about 5% of the population vote.

“The Government have got to be accountable for the poor turnout.”