Plans to inject funding into Oxon’s town centres

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The Government has announced plans to inject money into town centres across Oxfordshire in an attempt to stop them becoming ghost towns.

Ministers are planning to cut red tape on the high street in order to attract businesses to move into empty premises and open up ‘pop-up shops’.

Natasha-Rachel Smith, consumer affairs expert at consumer website TopCashBack, believes the Government needs to urgently invest in towns to prevent the hearts of communities disappearing forever.

“It is vital that the UK’s high streets are productive as a competitive environment in today’s retail sector. Although online will offer attractive deals and savings, consumers in Oxfordshire will absolutely always need to access goods on their doorstep.

“This is particularly true for essential products and services, and on time urgent occasions where waiting for a delivery or service appointment is obsolete.

“Households in Oxfordshire will continue to rely on the high street to be the heart and soul of their communities. If government investment continues it will inspire retailers to innovate and draw people into town centres. Brick and mortar retailers shouldn’t regard online shopping as a foe, but instead work hand-in-hand with money-saving websites to drive footfall into their premises.”