Plans in place to help homeless

Homelessness affects people from all walks of life
Homelessness affects people from all walks of life

As the clocks go back and the winter nights draw in, a homeless charity is putting plans in place to help those who will spend the coldest months on the streets.

Aylesbury Homeless Action Group is setting up a shelter, which will take in rough sleepers in January, February and March next year.

The Bucks Herald knows the location of the shelter, but has agreed not to publish it because organisers say that the facility, which will act on a referral basis, may become a magnet for drug dealers if the location is known.

Operations director at the group Dave Dickason, said: “We did this last year and it was extremely successful, we have no idea how many people we will get this year.

“Everyone who comes to us is police checked and we don’t allow people who are sex offenders, class A drug dealers or people who have a history of violence.

“Most of the people we had last year were people who didn’t associate with alcohol or drugs, they were people who were just having a really hard time.

“The majority of people that we have are like tha, it may be that a family has broken down, financial problems or the loss of a business.

“Last year we also had someone who was fleeing an arranged marriage, people come from all walks of life.”

The charity has also secured around £4,000 in 
European funding, to pay for a scheme which will help get their service users ack to work.

On arrival case workers will assess each of the homeless people, and help them get the support that they need to stay off the streets long term.

The shelter will have two full time managers who will oversee a team of volunteers, it is expected to cost around £25,000 to run for three months.

If you would like to 
volunteer at the shelter this winter you can contact the Aylesbury Homeless Action Group on 01296 435026