Plans for revamp of town cemetery

View - Aylesbury Cemetery
View - Aylesbury Cemetery

PLANS for a town centre cemetery were revealed on Thursday.

Aylesbury Town Council could be extending Tring Road Cemetery in the town, building a memory garden and wild flower border and refurbishing the Grade II listed death house and chapel on the site.

There are also plans to build a permanent storage compound at the cemetery to hold machinery used for burial-related work, as well as the construction of new entrances and through roads for funeral processions.

Leader of the town council, Steve Patrick, estimated that the works could cost in the region of £150,000, although no exact figure is known yet.

“We are looking to keep the working space down to minimum with regards to the compound, and so are also building a memorial garden and such.

“We’re trying to give the area the look of an old-fashioned park, while maintaining the tranquillity of a cemetery. We want to make the area look as nice as we can for the people who have to go there.”

There have however been various complaints about the works voiced by nearby residents, 13 of whom turned up to the full council meeting on Thursday where a public debate took place, with ideas and concerns put to members.

A complaint about cemetery staff was also put forward, claiming they have been disturbing residents with noise, swearing and even urinating near the storage compound.

“Thursday night was actually very helpful with all the ideas that were put forward, and these will now be put to our consultants,” added Mr Patrick.

“But the staff at the cemetery are enormously proud of the work they do down there, and I can’t believe they are guilty of such things they have been accused of.”

Mr Patrick will however be discussing the complaints with the employees.

Residents have also raised concerns with regards the compound/service yard, and the lack of public consultation, although no permanent decisions have yet been made.

Nigel Shaw, who lives near the cemetery said: “A yard for all of the town council’s activities has no place in a cemetery where people have been laid to rest.

“The noise intrusion is already unacceptable for residents, many of whom are retired, and is set to increase when the yard is fully operational.

“The activities should be continued in their original locations. However, following a very positive meeting, I am looking forward to working with the council in finding a workable solution.”