Pig’s ear of an investigation – remains found in churchyard NOT human

Police search at the church last month
Police search at the church last month

An ear found in the graveyard of an Aylesbury church was a pig’s ear, police have confirmed.

It was suspected the ear, found by a dog walker at St Mary’s Church, may have been human and it was sent for forensic examination by the Home Office.

Three weeks to the day after the ear was found, it was been revealed it belongs to a pig.

Ben Jackson-Smith, 21, was walking his flatmate’s Staffordshire bull terrier Kas when they found the ear on April 24.

He told The Bucks Herald at the time: “I had let her off the lead and was throwing sticks for her, then saw she had something in her mouth.

“She dropped it and I kicked it, it was very dry and hard, I thought it was a pig’s ear.

“She grabbed it again and I took it from her and kicked it under a tree.

“Then I began to wonder if it might be a human ear, so I looked up a pig ear and a human ear on my phone and noticed it was very human.

“So I put it in a doggy bag and took it home.”

Police cordoned off the area around the church after the discovery and conducted an extensive search of the graveyard.