Petition calls for Aylesbury bypass

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An e-petition has been set up to encourage the Government to build an Aylesbury bypass.

The petition was set up by Linda Travers Smith and says ‘infrastructure should be in place to relieve the current road system from ever increasing traffic levels’.

For years many people have called for a bypass and two weeks ago Aylesbury MP David Lidington used his Bucks Herald column to reiterate that need.

Mr Lidington said: “Anyone who’s tried to drive in or out of Aylesbury at peak hours knows we have a problem.

“Aylesbury needs a bypass to help attract employment and to relieve pressure on Tring Road and the town centre.

“Our best hope of getting one probably lies in attracting development to locations where the developers will be willing to pay towards the costs.”

Bucks County Council has previously made clear there is no money for an Aylesbury bypass.

In 2006 a petition signed by 5,000 people asking for a bypass was submitted to the council, but nothing came of it.

The e-petition needs to be signed by 100,000 signatures by August 28, 2014, to be considered for a debate in the House of Commons. Just under 300 people had signed it by Monday afternoon.

There has been growing frustration in the past week about the town’s traffic problems, particularly during the morning and evening rush hour along the A41.

Many have pointed to the new traffic lights at Oakfield Road and the ongoing work by Bedgrove as the reason for these problems.

The council says congestion has been worse in the past week because Broughton Lane has been closed as part of the works.

The road is expected to remain closed until early December, with lorries from the new Arla dairy in Aston Clinton expected to start coming through Aylesbury in the next few weeks.

Although a bypass looks a distant reality, the council hopes the proposed eastern link road, to be built alongside 2,450 homes in the Bierton/Broughton area, will ease traffic concerns.

However, funding has only been secured for half of the link road and the council is competing for money to pay for the other half.