Pet lover’s global ambitions

Nicky Stevens at an animal sancutary in Malaysia
Nicky Stevens at an animal sancutary in Malaysia

A wounded dog in Borneo has inspired a woman to set up a global animal welfare charity.

Haddenham’s Nicky Stevens was so appalled after a holiday trip to Borneo four years ago that she has since set up a UK based charity called International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) with her friend Lynsey Gill from Manchester.

Nicky, a financial trainer, said they felt compelled to take action after seeing a wounded stray dog in the rainforest and then realising the problem was on a huge scale as they travelled around and spoke to more residents.

She said: “It wasn’t just the strays. There were dogs waking up mid-operation, trying to be treated for their 

The pair helped build a sanctuary for cats and dogs on the Indonesian island to rescue them from the streets, to be nursed back to health, and then rehoused to loving families.

Former vet Nicky, 38, said it was important that they also worked towards a more long term solution for the welfare of animals and after a research trip to India, the pair were able to persuade the Borneo government to rethink their protocols of population control and the inhumane treatment of animals.

It is the first project of its nature and led to Nicky and Lynsey, 37, making front page news across Malaysia last week.

Nicky said: “We feel so blessed how positive and excited the people were about it. It was quite a feat to get the government to listen and once we had they even asked us how else can you help?”

With the number of animals that they are able to help moving from the hundreds into the thousands, Nicky and Lynsey are appealing for help with their project.

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