Top Gear films at manor

Top Gear China filming at Waddesdon Manor PNL-151020-143808001
Top Gear China filming at Waddesdon Manor PNL-151020-143808001

The Chinese version of 
popular motoring television show Top Gear paid a trip to the Vale to film some scenes last week.

The team from Top Gear China, which has been running since November 2014, filmed on the grounds of Waddesdon Manor.

The show’s presenters were filmed driving sports cars, including a Morgan, in front of the manor.

Filming co-ordinator at the manor Suzy Barron said: “We were contacted by Top Gear China’s location manager who said they wanted to film outside and around the manor.

“The director came and 
visited the location and liked it and just days later they came over and did the filming.

“All the filming was done in one day so it happened very quickly.”

Filming has taken place at various locations across 
England including Banbury 
in Oxfordshire.

The show is fronted by 
television host Cheng Lei.

His sidekicks are Ren 
Xianqi, an actor, singer and racing driver, and Tian Liang who is best known as an 
Olympic diving gold medallist.

Mrs Barron added: “The presenters all had professional drivers with them.

“We made sure that they stuck to the 20mph limit around the manor.

“They drove up and down the North Front and North 
Avenue for their filming.

“Everybody was very happy with how the filming went.”

The show is due to be aired on Chinese television in November.

Top Gear was entered into the Guinness World Records book back in 2013 as the world’s most widely watched factual TV programme.

It covers more than 200 territories around the world and has local versions in the USA and South Korea.

The Chinese version is broadcast on Dragon TV, a channel based in Shanghai in China.

The British version was hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. However the trio all left the show earlier this year.

Television and radio personality Chris Evans has been announced as one of the new hosts for the show, which is set to return in May next year.

Top Gear has won four National Television Awards in the Most Popular Factual Programme category in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011.

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