THAME LETTERS: ‘Commuters looked on as I was attacked’


Usually I don’t bother writing to periodicals, newspapers, journals and the like but on Tuesday, August 26 something happened which I feel the females of the area need to be aware of.

At approximately 7.55am I was struck and injured by another passenger on the 7.06am Marylebone train from Haddenham & Thame Parkway.

I was forcably struck on the head - sufficient to cause whiplash and concussion. This took place in a carriage packed with (mainly male) commuters.

Commuters I travel with every day, some who board with me at Haddenham, some even stand next to me on the platform.

Not one single fellow commuter challenged the person responsible for my injuries. Not one checked I was ok and didn’t require medical attention.

The entire carriage sat there impassive.On the crowded platform I challenged the person who had injured me and I was verbally abused.

Yet again not a single person stepped in.

Recounting this incident to the police and my horrified partner made me realise that I can’t rely on others to have the same values my partner and I were raised with, and that we have gone on to raise our children with. I urge all travellers on the public transport system never to travel alone.

Not because you are at risk of an attack, but because should anything happen to you those around you, those you may see every day, are not likely to assist, simply because you are “nothing to do” with them.

To all those thinking that their husbands/partners/wives/family members would never ignore such a thing.

If they were on that Marylebone bound train they did just that.

On a personal level I was incredibly saddened to see that the humanity of those

living and working in this country has sunk so low.

Especially in a group of supposedly well educated, ‘pillars of the community’.

Pauline Yates. Thame.

The dog control order being considered by Haddenham Parish Council has nothing to do with the over-dramatised story of the dreadful incident with the cat in Flint Street.

If you look on the Parish Council website you will find details of the real proposal, which was indeed published in the Gazette, and is attracting considerable opposition.

Douglas Harrison, Haddenham.

I am puzzled by Neil Shefferd’s article attributing the proposed order to a request from Professor Sir Roderick Floud.

I have read the Haddenham Parish Council notice of this proposal which makes no reference to that request,

and does not seem relevent to it.

Perhaps a request from a Professor with a Knighthood takes precedence over real people’s views?

Sharon Keen, name and address supplied.

Thame Town cricket club (TTCC) threw open its doors to the community of Thame on Sunday 17th August and were rewarded when the sun eventually shone on their efforts.

Despite a heavy shower at 11 o’clock, the six-a-side tournament.

That was the centrepiece of the day kicked off at 11.15 and there were no further delays as the sun came out for the afternoon session.

The ensuing cricket had plenty of excitement and, in the end, after a total of 8 matches, it was the team from Waitrose that triumphed, beating off the youthful challenge of Thame’s Under-15 side, which finished as runners-up.

The other places wen to Thame’s Under-17 side and a team representing the local charity, the Jack O’Donnell Foundation.

There were also net sessions running during the afternoon for junior beginners, both male and female, to try their hand at the game.

All the while, appetising smells were wafting around the ground from the excellent barbecue that kept players and visitors from going hungry.

Thame Cricket Club would like to thank Waitrose for their welcome support of the day and the umpires and scorer for making the tournament go so smoothly.

It is very much hoped that this event will become an annual fixture and that other local companies will field teams for the six-a-side next year.

Andy Jinman , TCC

Councillor D Bretherton stated in your paper it is essential to have the correct information & went on to quote dates and statements about the agreement of Elms Park,

I have contacted him twice on his council website and asked if these facts he quoted were open to public scrutiny. If it was so it would be helpful but I have had NO reply. I also asked why he and some of his fellow councillors want to destroy the last bit of green land left in the middle of Thame.

He was quick to point out that he has lived here 30 yrs but I reckon he has really no idea how the people of Thame feel. Dumping an ugly collection of prison blocks on that lovely green field is sacrilege.

E.R King, Thame