REVEALED: Here’s what Aylesbury David Bowie statue will look like! First look at the sculptor’s maquette...

editorial image

Sculptor Andrew Sinclair is using this scale model to create Aylesbury’s David Bowie statue, the first of its kind in the world.

And in a first look The Bucks Herald can reveal this image of what the statue will look like.

Entitled Earthly Messenger - the statue was funded after members of the public raised more than £100,000 via a Kickstarter campaign organised by Friars founder David Stopps and wife Sue.

The statue was originally set to be unveiled in September, but may have to be postponed until March next year due to scaffolding under the Market Square arches where it will be sited.

David said: “It’s all going really well and we are looking into a temporary site for the statue, but it will defintely be unveiled by next March.

“Andrew has completed the upright figure and is now working on the main figure - the statue will be made up of three different pieces.”

Our video slideshow shows each element of the statue up close and highlights the level of detail going into the piece.

What do you think of the statue?