On your head! Slow-mo film becomes YouTube sensation

slow motion clip is You Tube sensation
slow motion clip is You Tube sensation

A CRUNCHING slow-motion clip has become an internet sensation after it was posted online by a Thame photographer.

Gavin Free, 22, specialises in slow-mo videos and persuaded a friend to be hit in the face with a football to see what it looked like.

This clip has more than 260,000 views on YouTube and his entire collection is close to breaking a milestone 1million hits mark.

The clips are all part of The Slow Mo Guys’ very own YouTube channel, which was set up by Mr Free.

He said: “I think this is my favourite one, where I got my friend Dan Gruchy to be hit in the face with a ball.”

“I had the idea to start The Slow Mo Guys after I put a video of balloons bursting on the internet a few years ago.

“I saw the immediate interest it got after going viral and I was even in Texas when I saw a lady watching one of them on her laptop – 6,000 miles away from where I shot it.”

But his millions of views on YouTube is minimal compared to the amount of people who witnessed his biggest creation to date.

The former Lord Williams School pupil was the man behind the US X-Factor advert, which aired during the Superbowl and featured Simon Cowell exploding into fragments.

Hundreds of millions of people tuned in to witness the clip and thousands more have since seen it on the internet.

Mr Free has a large portfolio to his name and has also been involved in mega blockbuster movies such as Sherlock Holmes 2.

His reputation is growing all the time and this week he made a live television appearance for ITV’s Daybreak. On Wednesday’s programme he showed a few examples of what can be done with the camera.

He said: “It was really fun, I came up with a couple of clips – one of which was somebody blowing a raspberry, which always go down well.”

To view his work, visit the Slow Mo Guys channel on YouTube.