It’s always sunny for twins who grew green fingers

Lottie and Poppy with their prizes
Lottie and Poppy with their prizes

Greenfingered twins nurtured a crop of sunflowers to epic proportions and won prizes for their efforts.

Lottie and Poppy Henderson, aged three-and-a-half, of Seven Acres, Thame, entered a competition organised by environmental group Greening Chinnor.

They were each given a tiny sunflower plant, and told that it was their job to grow it as tall or as big as possible.

Being twins, the pair worked together on the project, and their sunflowers were soon huge, winning them first place in the tallest sunflower and biggest sunflower head categories of the competition.

Their mum Laura, who takes the girls to Queensdown pre-school, said: “We were walking pastthe Greening Chinnor stall, and they were trying to encourage young people to take an interest in saving the planet.

“They were giving away sprouted sunflowers and the children were told to go away and grow them as big as they could.

“The girls were really, really excited to win their prizes and it was so nice that they both were rewarded.

“Throughout the challenge they reminded each other about the project, and really worked as a team.

“If one got her watering can out they would tell the other to do so too, it’s been a lovely thing for them to be involved with and it’s so nice that they won.”

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