It’s all jet set and go as Victoria heads to Asia

Victoria Parsons gives an update on her 10 month tour of Asia
Victoria Parsons gives an update on her 10 month tour of Asia

AN ambitious storyteller has set off to fulfil her lifelong dream of entertaining disadvantaged children all across Asia.

Victoria Parsons left for Asia on Friday and will be spending the next 10 months telling stories in some of the continents poorest areas.

She said: “I have always had a thing for travelling and this fits in really nicely.

“The traditional storytellers were travellers going from place to place and it appeals to my sense of adventure.”

First up for Victoria is the rather unusual attraction of a rat temple, which she says is set to be one of the highlights of her trip.

It’s situated in Bickaner, Delhi, and the Chinnor storyteller believes the animals could represent all she is travelling for.

She said: “There is a temple full of rats and I have read that these rats are suppose to be reincarnations of old storytellers so I want to go and check that out.”

The temple is in the state of Rajasthan, where Miss Parsons will be able to hear about various mother’s tales which have been passed on through the generations.

“Rajasthan has a huge reputation for storytellers,” she said.

“All of their stories were passed on by word of mouth and not written down.”

Victoria is hoping that she can contribute to the locals’ love of stories and will be going into various schools to entertain the children.

At the same time she will also help them with their English and in return is looking to be able to use her experiences in her own future stories.”

The 29-year-old will be joined on her adventure by partner Lee McFarland, and the pair of them will be travelling as a double act.

Lee is a keen guitarist and so he will perform alongside the spoken story.

In order to finance such a trip, the couple have had to save up for 18 months and quit their full time jobs.

But Victoria thinks that all that effort will be worthwhile.

She said: “It is about setting up for the future. I have been storytelling on the side of my full time job for four years but I think now I am at the point where I can do it full time.

“The idea is to come back and then sell some of the stories I have gathered on iTunes.”

Throughout her travels, Miss Parsons will be keeping friends and family back home up to date with her latest stories by posting a YouTube video ever fortnight.

This will include new stories and tales which she has heard during her trip.