Is Thame kebab van the best bite in the world?

Dominic at the Atalay kebab van in Thame
Dominic at the Atalay kebab van in Thame

Is there a better kebab in the world than at Thame’s Atalay kebab van?

Well one man has made it his mission to prove that there isn’t, by quitting his job, and setting off around the world in a bid to find a ‘better bite’.

Dominic Stanway-Williams, 24, currently works in digital marketing for Travelodge.

But in October he will take the brave step of becoming a full-time food blogger when he sets off on the trip which starts in South East Asia.

He said: “It is my firm belief that the Atalay kebab van in Thame serves up the best 
kebab that the world has to offer.

“I like the quality of the lamb, kebabs are not known for their high quality meat but Atalay has really juicy lamb.

“They also make their own chilli sauce with fresh coriander, which with the garlic sauce is just the best. I don’t think there is better out there.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the trip because I’m doing it on my own.

“But it will be worth it.”

Dominic’s love of food comes from cooking with his mother as a child, working on the deli counter in Thame’s Waitrose and as a sous chef at The Spread Eagle.

He will set off next weekend with a one way ticket to Bangkok, and is set to be travelling for a year.

And Thame residents can keep up with Dominic’s quest to prove Atalay is the best, by visiting his website which is currently under construction.