Heaven is a halfpipe for Thame skaters as new park works begin

Thame skate park
Thame skate park

Skaters rejoice! A £250,000 revamp of Thame’s skate park has begun.

After 13 years of use, the popular facility’s metal ramps will be transformed into a modern facility, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Thame skate park as it was

Thame skate park as it was

On Monday, skate park builders Wheelscape Ltd will be moving in to begin work at the Tythrop Way site.

Thame Town Council say the new facility will include ‘bowls, rhythm sections and a street scene’.

But the old park was much-loved by many, and a special event was held on Sunday to say farewell to the old ramps.

Skater Chris Chivers said: “After going up to the park every night for hours on end for most of our childhoods, the time has come to take it down and build a new park.

“We have all had good memories of this park and all have pushed ourselves through blood sweat and close to tears up here, We now have it all to come again, but it’s been awesome.”

The town council, a skate park working group and the skaters themselves have worked together to shape the project.

Donations came from South Oxfordshire District Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Thame Rotary, Thame Carnival and hundreds of members of the public.

A spokesman for the town council said: “We look forward to the official opening of the facility later in the year.”

And although the wait will be well worth it, skaters may have to have a TV party for up to 14 weeks, until the work is done.

You can stay updated on the progress of the park by going to www.thametowncouncil.gov.uk