Farewell to celebrity dog Molly

Anna and Molly, whose funeral was held last week
Anna and Molly, whose funeral was held last week

A celebrity canine whose pampered lifestyle was the subject of documentaries a radio show, book and countless TV appearances has died.

And owner, broadcaster and animal expert Anna Webb, made sure that her beloved mini bull terrier Molly, 13, was given a fitting send off when she passed away last week.

Anna, who lives in Long Crendon, held a funeral complete with coffin, readings and songs in memory of her special pet.

Described as ‘an ambassador for her breed’ Molly appeared alongside Anna regularly on Barking At The Moon, a show on BBC London radio.

Molly was also featured on all eight episodes of the Sky One series A Different Breed, and was the subject of an Animal Planet documentary in which she represented the breed globally.

Molly and Anna were also weekly contributors to the Alan Titchmarsh Show, and appeared on The Gabby Logan Show, This Morning and BBC Breakfast.

Molly’s health went into decline following a trauma in February while Anna was away on business.

She had become ill in September 2010 and was diagnosed with suspected bladder cancer.

Her illness led to Anna studying with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies, learning about holistic healthcare for dogs and cats, and under her care Molly went into remission for five years.

The pair moved to Long Crendon 18 months ago, when Anna decided that Molly needed more fresh air and country walks, away from their busy life in London.

In Molly’s last weeks Anna took time off her radio show to care for Molly, who died in her arms.

Anna said: “Molly died peacefully in bed close beside me and I experienced her last breath.

“The vicar held a service and played guitar for Molly. She is buried under the lawn I promised her on our move out for London.

“Molly will enrich the Long Crendon soil as her energy and spirit remain close.”

She added: “Molly loved the lens, and she uncannily knew when she was being filmed or photographed.

“In the Sky One series, the camera operators were astonished. Molly always knew when the camera was on us, with two or three on the go simultaneously. I had no idea!”

And describing the bond that she and Molly shared, with was visible to clients at Anna’s dog training classes in Long Crendon, she said: “Molly became my ‘furkid’ and healed the pain of losing my dad.

“Juggling my freelance career, I was like a single mum.

“Molly came everywhere with me.”

She added: “If dogs are like their owners, now is the time for me to muster Molly’s fearlessness, for Gremlin a streetcat that I care for and Dexter, an English toy terrier.”

Around 20 people attended Molly’s funeral in the garden of Anna’s home remembering Molly, and singing songs in tribute.

Anna had planned to have her cremated and the ashes buried at Paris’ pet cemetery, but could not bear to be that far away from her beloved dog. Molly will remain in the garden she loved, with a dog ‘headstone’ which will be laid in a second ceremony.