COLUMN: We help in times of trouble, we should try help in times of tragedy too

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Since mid-September I’ve been talking with a man called David Williams, you may better recognise him as DeJee Tone, that fun Ska and Mod DJ that plays the local pubs and further afield too.

But recently David has been hit by the worst of all tragedies, his beloved son Craigy, who was only 12 years old and the apple of his father’s eye, was involved in an incident while swimming in a Spanish holiday pool.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Three days later, as Craigy passed away, David, our local pub DJ who has himself raised thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust and other charities, promised him that no matter what, he would establish how the tragic incident happened - and whether lessons could be learned from the awful events.

And in Spain it seems that this is no mean feat, which is why David needs our help.

Since Craigy’s death witnesses have come forward to offer their accounts of what happened that day, and David needs to raise money to stand before a judge with a barrister and solicitor to make sure that he is involved in the investigation.

Imagine being in this horrendous position as a father or mother, I’m not sure many of us could.

In the past weeks Aylesbury Vale has shown itself to be a real fountain of hope, an area which really gets behind its own in times of need.

So let’s try to do the same in times of tragedy too, and help Craigy’s dad get where he needs to be to secure some justice for his son.

Over the years as a journalist I have had the privilege of sharing some of the best and worst moments of people’s lives with them.

It is a privilege, and what I believe all good newspapers should be doing.

If you think that we can help by telling your story, or giving a boost to your campaign you know where we are. Your honest local friend.

To donate to David Williams’ appeal go to david-williams-242 please do.

To let us know how we can help you email me at