COLUMN: Appreciating the silly in our serious world

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I recently joined an art collective. This does not make me by any means an artist, but my enthusiastic drawings akin to, and actually worse than, those attempted in the film Napoleon Dynamite are fun to produce.

This week I drew a funny-looking sheep that we saw on a recent trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring, it couldn’t look further from the real deal, but it certainly raised a smile at art club. 

You see I could have taken this whole endeavour very seriously, and in the past maybe I would have.

But lately I have discovered that there is fun to be had in epic failure or even just having a stab at it, and sometimes beauty in the world can come from the truly silly. 

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

But, while I worked on my terrible sheep drawing there was some actual good art going on, some beautifully shaded still life, some creative sewing and some really cool music-related art too.

My sheep was a strange juxtaposition, we laughed and everyone got the same good feeling out of attending art club, and that’s all that really matters.

A friend of mine who lives abroad recently moved house, a drive so long that I struggle to even comprehend what that would mean in terms of boredom. 

A simple game of eye spy or a cool driving play list no doubt was not enough. But what that eye-watering journey did produce was a golden opportunity.

A chance to really see things, silly things, quirky shop and cafe signs. The things that you would ordinarily take for granted were you not just passing through. 

Because there is a lot that we take for granted in this world of ours, and it’s not all perfectly formed. 
It could be some street art so hilariously terrible you wonder why they even bothered, it might be a funny combination of products on the bargains counter at Tesco, feeling sorry for the unfortunately-named lesser bird of paradise at the Tring Museum, or even my terrible drawing of a sheep.

But, these things are what makes my world go round, and do you know what, they are all around us and it’s great!

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