Carrots over chemo: Newly-wed’s bid to cure her cancer naturally so that she can have a baby

Alex Wynn, from Thame, who is using juices and a healthy diet to treat her breast cancer
Alex Wynn, from Thame, who is using juices and a healthy diet to treat her breast cancer

A newly-wed suffering from breast cancer has turned to carrots over chemo, in a desperate bid to have a baby.

Alex Wynn, 33, from Thame, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year three weeks before her wedding.

Despite being told she needed her left breast removed, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to save her life, she refused.

Instead, Alex is treating the deadly disease with a healthy diet consisting of 2kgs of juiced carrots, an oxygen mask and Vitamin C after doing lots of research.

Alex has opted against conventional treatment as she and her husband Matt Baker, 30, desperately want to have a family something she fears chemotherapy could destroy.

Alex said: “I decided to treat my cancer with a healthy diet after doctors warned me I needed invasive surgery and chemo to survive.

“I was terrified but I had a strong gut feeling that following conventional treatment just wasn’t the right thing to do.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me to put such destructive poisonous substances in your body.

“Matt and I want children as soon as possible we’d love to have two or three.

“As soon as I have the all-clear we’re going to start trying.

“Chemotherapy stays in your system for a good few years, and I wouldn’t want to endanger my children.”

In April last year an ultrasound and biopsy revealed that Alex had a primary breast cancer known as an invasive ductal carcinoma.

She decided to make her decision about treatment after her wedding, which was three weeks away.

They got married on May 2 2014.

Alex said: “I didn’t expect it to be cancer at all, I was completely surprised.

“It’s the last thing you expect to happen.

“I told my fiance Matt straightaway, but I don’t think it really all sunk in because there was so much stress around organising the wedding.

“We both decided not to tell anyone about it until after the big day.

“It was really hard not telling my closest family and friends but I just didn’t want to have my wedding full of those sympathetic looks.

“It was great fun but the cancer diagnosis was always at the back of our minds.

“Matt was even trembling as he said his vows about sickness and health.”

By this point Alex had already started eating more healthily by not drinking alcohol and cutting out sugar.

She added: “Because I was tee-total at my wedding, people thought I was pregnant! If only that had been the case.”

Alex lives on an extremely strict diet and has cut out all meat, sugar, dairy, gluten and foods that are high in starch, like potatoes.

Each day she juices almost two large bags of carrots, a cucumber, a courgette, kale, ginger and a whole head of celery.

Alongside this, she is having high doses of Vitamin C through an IV drip.

She is currently on her first course of it, which lasts for three weeks. Within that time she will need 15 IV drips in total.

Despite being told she needed a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to save her life, she has refused.

She said: “Because cancer doesn’t like oxygen and prefers an acidic environment, I sit an hyperbaric oxygen chamber twice a week with a mask on breathing pure oxygen.

“I have a test kit called a Navarro Test which I do at home and send off, which measures the levels of HCG the same chemical produced by cancer cells.

“I’ve tested myself four times so far and theoretically the level of cancer has dropped.

“I always feel so nervous each time about what it’s going to say.

“I just hope that with all of this will cure this cancer and then Matt and I can begin trying for children.”

Dr Aine McCarthy, Cancer Research UK’s science information officer, said: “There’s no scientific or medical evidence to show that alternative therapies like taking vitamin C or using oxygen can cure cancer.

“Some alternative therapies are unsafe and may cause harm.

“Evidence shows that conventional treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy kill cancer cells and help people survive their disease and breast cancer is often cured in this way.”