Pensioner upset at losing gardens to another ‘council’ house

Mrs Georgina Peterman in her back garden at 40 Morton Lane, Bishopstone.
Mrs Georgina Peterman in her back garden at 40 Morton Lane, Bishopstone.

Georgina Petermann has lived in her council house all her 84 years tending its beautiful garden in an idyllic village location.

But now Mrs Petermann and her fellow villagers are up in arms after the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust (which now runs council homes) put in an application to build a home and car park which will encroach on her beloved garden.

Residents in Moreton Lane, Bishopstone, have now joined forces to oppose the move.

Mrs Petermann said: “It’s awful. I don’t know what we are going to do. The whole village is against it.”

Seventeen letters of objection have been written and residents held a meeting at the village hall to discuss the proposal.

Major concerns are the lack of amenities for an increase in residents and more traffic in the village – as well as the encroachment onto her garden.

Mrs Petermann added: “They are trying to build houses in every little patch of land they can find and they have to pull the garages down, too.”

Dean Gill, the trust’s director of property and development, said: “Vale of Aylesbury Housing is indeed negotiating with a tenant of ours in Bishopstone to reconfigure the property boundary. The changes will leave a substantial garden in excess of 20m.

“The proposal is for a single cottage, in keeping with the village, and six parking spaces, four of which will replace the existing garages. The site will mirror the character of the conservation area opposite.

“Bishopstone has had social housing since 1925, but right to buy sales have eroded availability.

“The trust is simply seeking to rebalance this, and put a site blighted by fly-tipping to better use.

“This will enable another family to have the same opportunity as is afforded to our current tenants of Bishopstone.

“Rural housing is in crisis. It is a paradox, but rural wages are lower and property prices higher than urban counterparts, and it is a much-mooted point that many villages are becoming ‘rich people’s ghettos’.

“Providing affordable housing for local families is imperative to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Vale’s rural communities including schools, shops and local infrastructure, and so the trust will continue to seek appropriate opportunities to do so. There is simply no denying the desperate need for affordable housing in the villages of the Vale.”