Peaceful evening shows how far police have come

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The police are winning their battle against anti-social behaviour in Aylesbury – or so it would appear after I spent a Saturday night on patrol with the force.

Travelling with PCSOs Katie Massey and Luke Abrahams we targeted the notorious anti-social behaviour hotspots only to find little in the way of trouble.

However, such a quiet night is a double edged sword for the PCSOs when their shift lasts until 3am.

PCSO Abrahams said: “I like to be busy.

“Obviously it’s a good thing that it’s not, but it makes the shift go quicker if it is.”

There was little incident to report duringour patrol.

A group of teenagers loitering on Chestnut Crescent roundabout were approached by the PCSOs and once spoken to they politely made their way home.

Both support officers were aware of the negative image that is assocaited with PCSOs but say they relish their presence in the community.

PCSO Massey said: “When you see the changes in an area it’s so rewarding. Walton Court, for instance has got so much better.

“We are out there all the time. We get to know the younger people in our areas.

“It’s all about breaking down the barriers.”

PCSO Abrahams echoed her thoughts.

He added: “I like it because it’s community based. If you get a group of six or seven lads then they tend to play up when you approach them.

“But as soon as you get one onside it’s OK.”

PCSO Massey adds: “We’re not there to get them in trouble.”

One such area which has improved its reputation is Jansel Square in Bedgrove and Sergeant Luke Pillinger said it is the place they are proudest of improving in the Vale.

He said: “It’s all about being visible in the community. Jansel Square was a problem so we increased our patrols.

“But it’s only right we keep doing our patrols there.”

Sgt Pillinger identified McDonald’s on the High Street as the latest hot spot for the patrols to target.

Sgt Pillinger said: “How do you tell a group of 20 16 year olds they have to go home there and then?

“There’s no quick term solution. A lot of kids are hanging around there at the moment.”