Peaceful demonstration planned over Israeli action in Gaza strip

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Concerned people from all walks of life will attend a peaceful demonstration against Israeli attacks on Gaza which has left around 200 dead.

Speakers, including town councillor Niknam Hussain, former mayor Raj Khan and representatives from the church and the mosque will make their voices heard at the event from 2pm on Sunday in Market Square, Aylesbury.

Iftekhar Bashir, president of Aylesbury Mosque which has organised the community event, said: “The demonstration is on the back of the Israeli bombings and unjust actions that have been perpetrated on the Gaza strip.

“The thrust for this demonstration has come from the general public, and a group of ladies in particular who are concerned about what is happening.

“We did this about five years ago and it was a great success, we will also be taking a collection which will be passed on to charities that support the people affected in Gaza.”

He added: “A ceasefire means nothing when you consider the aftermath and the suffering that these people are left with. We need to make sure that people understand the suffering which does not appear on the news here until it becomes catastrophic.”

And Mr Khan called for anyone who wants to find out more to come along on the day.

He said: “Humanity calls upon us to support human kinships wherever they are, it is inhumane what we are seeing. We are all human beings, so I call on the people of Aylesbury to join us.”