Paws for thought with family friendly dog show

A dog-friendly fun day takes place on Sunday, designed to reduce the number of reports of anti-social behaviour which involve man’s best friend.

Common complaints include excessive barking or irresponsible owners.

The event on Edinburgh Playing Fields in Southcourt, will feature reduced-priced microchipping and free sessions with a canine behavioural specialist.

The idea came from Tracie Gilbert, the anti-social behaviour manager at the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.

She said: “Paws In The Park is the perfect chance for people to find out how to solve common problems, and how they can make the most of their relationship with their dog – which should reduce the number of complaints we get.

“In addition we will be raising funds for Wendover-based charity, Pets as Therapy, which actively uses pets to improve people’s lives.”

The dog show will feature competitions to find the dog in ‘best condition’ or who is a ‘child’s best friend’.

There will also be a category which is only open to residents of the housing trust.

During the day, canine behavioural specialist Jez Rose will be offering hints and tips. She said: “I’m really excited to be attending the Paws In The Park event in Aylesbury and I’ll be on hand to provide free behaviour and training advice.

“I wholly support the efforts of the trust to promote responsible dog ownership with this fun dog show, which makes owning and socialising with dogs safe and enjoyable.”

Paws in the Park will be held at Edinburgh Playing Fields, off Aylesbury’s Churchill Avenue, from 11am-4pm. For more details visit