Park louts targeted by police

Graffiti in Elms Park,Thame
Graffiti in Elms Park,Thame
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Police are stepping up patrols in Thame’s Elms Park following reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

A number of concerns have been reported, including drug dealing, vandalism and abusive behaviour.

One resident said he would not let his family walk through the park at night because of safety fears and that vomit, urine and dog feaces mean his children can not run around freely in the park in the day.

Richard Jeffries, who lives by the park and has three young children, said: “There are regularly piles of vomit and urine because drunks comes from town and use that as a route home.

“Obscenities have been sprayed on fences and play equipment in the park. I don’t want my kids exposed to that.

“On a number of occasions I have had to ask teenagers to leave the play area because they have been using offensive language and controlling the swings and things. I’ve also had to call the police in because they have been drinking alcohol and that is meant to be a controlled zone.”

Fears have also been raised that plans for a gate by an entrance to the park off the main road have been scrapped.

In 2008 Thame Town Council applied to install a gate at the entrance, saying it was dangerous not to have one. The gate was never put in and now the council has applied for retrospective permission that includes not having one. More on this next week.