Park gates on which man was impaled will remain unlocked despite yob fears

Alfred Rose Park, Dunsham Lane
Alfred Rose Park, Dunsham Lane

Chiefs have defended their decision to keep gates to a park open overnight despite fears it will become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.

Aylesbury Vale District Council has decided to keep gates to Alfred Rose Park unlocked overnight as a safety measure after someone became impaled on a fence spike. The incident happened while attempting to escape the park after they discovered that they were locked in.

Community spaces manager Gareth Bird said: “In the past, people have been locked in the parks and one person did get impaled on the railings while trying to get into the park while it was locked.

“We do not wish to continue to treat this site any differently to our other parks.”

Aylesbury Town Councillor Niknam Hussain, of Elmhurst Ward, said he had received an email from a worried constituent over the council’s decision, who was concerned about teenagers gathering there after dark.

He said: “In light of the recent shooting, people are worried and it’s a bit remiss of the district council to stop locking the gates, so if there’s something we can do as a town council to help the residents, then we will.”

The council said it will continue to monitor the change via the police, but no anti-social behaviour incidents have been reported to date.