Papa Truck at music night

Papa Truck
Papa Truck

The next session of the First Thursday Music Club features a performance from British bluegrass band Papa Truck.

The group will be performing tracks from their new album ‘Further Down the Road’ at the club’s next evening at The James Figg pub in Thame on April 2.

The band is called Papa Truck because the name ‘sounded good at the time’, but the five-piece are renowned for their foot-tapping songs.

The group’s songs are inspired by the people, places and sounds around them.

The club’s influence on the music scene has increased enormously as they are now running their own stages at The Towersey Festival, Beaconfest and Thame Carnival with all the acts having been chosen from artists and bands that have performed at the club.

More than 15 different acts will be performing a range of music with entry free for the evening.

If you would like to play on stage you can sign up at the venue before 7.45pm.

Check out the club on Facebook by searching ‘The First Thursday Music Club.’